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EMF Radiation Protection for CELLPHONES/Laptop - Anti EMF/EMR Radiation Sticker - Radiation Neutralizer Shield Blocker - Remove Electronic Technologies WI-FI, Bluetooth

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There's absolutely no question that exposure from high frequency radiation we can experience health difficulties. We receive sunburned from UV exposure, if we stick outside in the sun as much time. When getting X-Rays doctors ask if you're pregnant as the radiation may cause injury and mutation to a developing baby. ? FLASH SALE, normally $29.77 --NOW $9.77?

They have lower frequencies than visible light and therefore are non-ionizing radiation. These comprise EMFs from microwave ovens, computers, visible lighting meters, wi fi, cellular phones, Bluetoothand powerlines, and MRIs.

What's EMF radiation? ▪️ First, indications because of utilize microwave ovens, smart meters, WiFi, mobile phones, etc. can be inconspicuous at first, but they may become evident over the years instead of immediately.

Why are EMFs Harmful?

▪️ Secondly, the electronic and telecommunication businesses have strong financial interests in consumers not being conscious of potential harm from using their goods.

Highfrequency EMF radiation. These include higher frequencies than visible light, which can be currently ionizing radiation.
Health consequences of high frequency EMF radiation are controversial for several reasons: Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible areas of energy, usually referred to as radiation, which are associated by means of electrical power and assorted forms of natural and man-made lighting.

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